Treasures for my ear

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Treasures for my ear

The first stop when traveling a city is definitely a record store!

These posters are inspired by used vinyl record covers, and what I feel from each of the cities: New York, Kyoto, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam

New York has a diverse type of music, and it's tolerant of the loudest and the quietest. It seems like each neighborhood has tons of record stores, and it's common that they're open for recycling/exchange. Village Music World is one of the record shops that got me impressed.
Kyoto's スーパーミルク(Super Milk) has not only Asian collection but also the western's, with the best quality, the store is small and packed with very nice stuff.
In Berlin, shopping in a record store is like a lifestyle attitude, you can see a wide age range of the customers in a record store. OYE Records has a player station, it's wonderful to check on the records before you decide to take some home.
In East London, Rough Trade is apparently the most popular record store, the place is quite spacious and bright, CDs, vinyl records, cassette player, and the tapes, you can find whatever you think of.
I visited Rush Hour every day during my time in Amsterdam, it's definitely a gem in this city, and the best one I've ever been to. The staff was super friendly and professional, the records were organized tidily. Rush Hour also has player stations like Berlin's OYE Records.

Used fonts : ZangeziMonument

Taipei. Taiwan
San Fransisco. US