Based in San Fransisco, US.
YouTing Lin focuses on both graphic design and motion graphics.
She finds herself gravitating towards street scenes and being keen to take photos and film on the street. These documentary photographs and footage often become raw materials for her designs. 
Open for commission and collabration.

Currently working at Apple.
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Rome Independent Prisma Awards / Selected
Digital Juice. Short Film & Animation Festival / Selected
ARFF Paris / Best Animation
NewFilmmakers NY / Selected
Short to the Point ISFF AWARDS / Selected
Capricorn Film Festival 2021 / Selected
Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021 / [Category] Video / Prize Nominee
Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021 / [Category] Poster B / Selected
TDC67 Type Directors Club 2020 / Typographic Excellence / Winner
New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 / / Selected

Barreira Art School, Communication Department, Spain, 2021

Creative Review
Stash Happy Hanukkah! “The Festival of Lights” 

Taipei. Taiwan
San Fransisco. US