Spotify Best New Artist 2021

Motion Graphics
Motion System Guidelines

I helped explore motion graphics pieces including kinetic typography, scene transitions to promote Spotify’s Best New Artist annual campaign that ran across out-of-home (OOH), digital out-of-home (DOOH), social media, and the Spotify platform.
Director | Itay Tevel, Sam Mason
‍Client | Spotify
‍Production Co | Hornet
‍Managing Director | Hana Shimizu
‍Head of Production | Karen Lawler
‍Head of Creative Development | Kristin Labriola
‍Executive Producer | Cathy Kwan
‍Associate Producer | Annalee Walton
‍Editor | Sam Stulin
‍Assistant Editor | Hyeseung Kim

CG Design | Gonzalo Miranda, Oscar Chen, Sam Mason
‍CG Animator | Oscar Chen‍

‍Motion Design
‍Motion Animators | Erik Righetti, Guilherme Ferreirinha, Hui Chi Chuang, Itay Tevel, Mitchell Blass
‍Motion Interns | Tyler West, YouTing Lin

Song Mytholgica | Ofrin

Taipei. Taiwan
San Fransisco. US